• Hosted by: kreasound
  • Submission Date: Jun 30 2017
  • Key: G
  • Bpm: 126
  • Genre: Acoustic, Techno


Back Prizes

We will be selecting 3 winners.
All winning remixes are professional mastered by "68 Audio Mastering".
Winners of the remix competition will get 70 % of sales from all online shops PLUS a chance of having their own EP release on Vinyllover Recordings.


* To enter you must download the remix package via link provided (if any problems arise please contact us and we will send you the stems via email)
* All completed remixes MUST BE SENT VIA SOUNDCLOUD with a PRIVATE LINK to our email address :
* Your remix title must read as the following "Disscut - Bitterness (name of remix) [Vinyllover Recordings]"
* WE WILL NOT download any links sent to us
* MP3 OR WAV accepted
* ONLY 1 remix per artist
* All stems are owned by Vinyllover Recordings.
* You MAY NOT use these remix parts again for original material OR make your remix available for download without PERMISSION from us
* Remixes can NOT be distributed for sale WITHOUT the permission of Vinyllover Recordings
* After competition winner is announced you may share your track on Soundcloud
* BPM is 125 to 129
* Any artists associated to Vinyllover Recordings will not be considered

Remix pack

The remix pack can be downloaded from here
For complete information of remix event visit this website