Collaborate with tyDi

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Aug 10 2015
  • Submission Date: Sep 04 2015
  • Winner Date: Sep 11 2015


This is your chance to collaborate with tyDi! The Australian chart-topping producer has started a song and it's your job to continue the collaboration. tyDi will choose one winner to finish the song with and release as a free download. You're able to continually update your submission based on feedback from the community and tyDi himself - so get started! Here's tyDi's message:

"My fans will know that I'm a man of many genres, I write and produce everything from huge orchestral 'score' type pieces, to weird electronica and even some pop. For this new track I wanted to go with a more clean cut 'progressive' feel. Nothing too heavy, the song is meant to flow and progress lightly - think summertime! I know there are so many amazing producers who have asked me to work with them so I figured this would be the best way. I've spent a night putting together the start of something that I think is both fun, charming and playable in a club. I invite anyone to come along and absolutely tear this to shreds. Let's make a monster!! No rules really, just go crazy and let's see if we can make something that feels fun and unique. I can't wait to hear what you all come up with!"