Digital Love Official Remix Competition

  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Sep 06 2016
  • Submission Date: Oct 23 2016
  • Key:
  • Bpm:
  • Genre: Progressive House


ALL GENRES WELCOME! By submitting a track for consideration in the Rydro’s Digital Love EP Official Remix Competition (contest), you hereby acknowledge the official terms and conditions regarding the competition as follows. All submissions must be made uploaded via the official submission form at or via MetaPop at by 11:59PM EST on October 9th, 2016. All contestants must follow both the label sponsoring the competition, Gone Postal Records (, as well as the original track’s producer, Rydro (, on their respective SoundCloud profiles to be considered for prizes. All submissions must be at least 2 minutes in duration. By submitting a track for consideration, you hereby grant Gone Postal Records as well as Faot Media Company and its various subsidiaries to distribute, promote, and profit from your submitted track in any way they feel fit.