Found Sounds Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Nov 17 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 19 2017
  • Key: Various
  • Bpm: Various
  • Genre: Various


1. Make a beat at least 30 seconds long.
2. You MUST use samples you recorded yourself.
3. Any genre is welcomed, creativity is welcomed too.
4. Have fun and UPLOAD your beat before the deadline.
5. you MUST say how you've used the samples in the track description.

Metapop Found Sounds Challenge

Get more creative with your sampling and move out of your comfort zone.

In this challenge you will use sounds recorded using your phone or any other portable recording device and assemble that into a track. You are required to use at least one sound from each category:

1) Vocal (get permission where necessary!)

  • Someone giving you advice
  • A transaction at a store
  • Yourself talking in a foreign language
  • Some other out-of-your-comfort-zone audio of someone talking (get creative!)
2) Background sounds
  • TV/radio
  • Animals
  • Machinery
  • At home/at work/on public transport
  • Vehicle(s)
3) Percussive (drums)
  • Any percussive sound you record yourself

Use one sound from each category and build into a finished track at least 30 seconds long.
To be considered for the prize you must include the raw, unprocessed samples at the end of your audio file, following your track.
For extra help see the Resources in the PDF.


When you’re done, upload the resulting track to the Found Sounds Challenge page for feedback and for a chance to win a Native Instruments store voucher.

Have fun!
Team Metapop