Future Jazz Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Nov 17 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 19 2017
  • Key: Various
  • Bpm: Various
  • Genre: Various


1. Make a beat at least 30 seconds long.
2. You MUST use the provided midi in the DOWNLOAD.
3. Any genre is welcomed, creativity is welcomed too.
4. Have fun and UPLOAD your beat before the deadline.
5. you MUST say how you've used the provided midi in the track description.

Metapop Future Jazz Challenge in collaboration with Strength In Numbers (SIN) Berlin
Make Future Jazz* and widen your harmonic palette by adding more advanced chords, specifically ones that use 7ths and 9ths.  
For this challenge we are providing you with two 16-bar midi files, one in C Major and one in A minor. They both play a repeating 4-bar pattern, adding complexity each time it cycles.
To use, import the midi file of your choice into your DAW - with many you can just drag-and-drop - and onto a midi instrument track. Feel free to edit, re-order, and transpose the midi data however you like.
You may want to start with just the initial 4 bars and swap in more complex versions of those chords until you find the perfect balance. A mix of simple and complex is often the best, but let your own taste be your guide.
Build a track up around the chords - the result can be any tempo or style but must include at least two of the given chords.
For extra help see the Resources in the included PDF file. 
When you’re done, upload the resulting track to the Chord Challenge page for feedback and for a chance to win a Native Instruments store voucher.
Have fun!
Team Metapop
* Yes we just made that up.