Hollywood Principle - "Trippin On You" Remix Contest

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: indaba
  • Starting Date: Nov 29 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 27 2017
  • Winner Date: Jan 10 2018
  • Key: D# Minor
  • Bpm: ~115


“Colors” is the debut E.P from west coast trio “Hollywood Principle.” The group, consisting of front woman Kayla Hope and producers Mike Ault and Elliott Sencan, have combined their different backgrounds and musical influences to produce an E.P. that reflects several different facets of Hollywood Principle’s creative vision. “This album is a very exploratory album for us.” says Elliott Sencan, co-producer. “Here we are trying many different genres like rock, R&B and a minimalist EDM sound.”

“Trippin On You” is the lead single from the E.P, is an Electro-Pop song. “Like many songs, it's about love.” says singer Kayla Hope “On a deeper level, it refers to being in the dark, being lost but having someone beside you who makes you feel strong, no matter the circumstances.” It’s the most pop and dance influenced son on the album, and is accompanied by a music video that follows the band into the studio to get a behind the scenes look into the album’s creative process.

This E.P. is a snapshot of what’s to come from Hollywood Principle, the first of several, the band plans to release in 2017-2018. The songs were written and crafted to support touring as a live band.

Hollywood Principle is looking for remixes of their song "Trippin On You". Show us what you've got!

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