Indaba Sync Licensing Opportunity - Post-Rock

  • Hosted by: indaba
  • Starting Date: Jul 18 2017
  • Submission Date: Aug 15 2017
  • Winner Date: Aug 29 2017
  • Genre: Post-Rock


How do you capture a moment, a feeling, and distill it into its essence? Many have tried with words and poetry, but few poets have captured the grandeur that a dedicated band with guitars (and extensive pedalboards) have put to record - letting the music do all the talking. Taking inspiration from groups like The Velvet Underground & Pink Floyd, Post-Rock bands use rock instrumentation to create whole new forms of music, experimenting with time and timbre to find their own kinds of beauty. Now it’s your turn, plug in your guitar and show us your Post-Rock masterpiece to win inclusion in the Indaba Sync Licensing Catalog.

As we ramp up efforts to get a diversified set of high quality music into the Indaba Sync licensing catalog, we're offering a set of genre specific opportunities. For this opportunity, submit your best post-rock music to be placed into the catalog.