John Dylan - "(I Can Feel Myself) Getting Over It" Remix Contest

  • Hosted by: indaba
  • Starting Date: Sep 14 2017
  • Submission Date: Oct 15 2017
  • Winner Date: Nov 09 2017
  • Key: D Major
  • Bpm: ~76
  • Genre: Psychedelic Rock


Having already dropped two drastically contrasting, yet intriguing works of dream-pop experimentation from his upcoming album, Peripheral Drift Illusion, San Francisco based multi-instrumentalist, John Dylan, is ready to unleash his latest single "(I Can Feel Myself) Getting Over It" which revels in the joy that can be found post-depression.

Opening with trickles of glittery-synth, "(I Can Feel Myself) Getting Over It", quickly drops into Dylan’s guitar line that has become a staple of his sound. Lashings of reverb and swirling jet-like phasers make their entry for the chorus where the dreamy sleep induced vocals of Dylan are usurped by a bright, psychedelic hook that imprints itself quickly on the memory.

John has struggled with mental health issues in the past and chooses to address these issues throughout his music, noting that ‘(I Can Feel Myself) Getting Over It)’ is ‘a song I wrote about the moment that happens, not just when you’re past the low point of depression, where you can function again, but past that. Imagine the feeling you have when you actually feel you can open up to the world again – it’s like the world is regaining its colours and flavours and smells again, and it’s flowing through you and back out into other people.’

Now John Dylan wants you to remix his song "(I Can Feel Myself) Getting Over It". Let's hear what you've got!

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