Jolivi remix competition 2017

  • Hosted by: kreasound
  • Submission Date: Feb 15 2017
  • Key: none
  • Bpm: 143
  • Genre: Pop


Back Prizes

- $500 cash prize via paypal
- 30 min skype session with JoLivi
- 1 Jolivi tote and lip balm
- Social Media share
- Digital release of remix


Rising pop star JoLivi and Wavo are excited to announce the official “Love Who You Wanna Love” remix contest! We are looking for all types of remixes that are upbeat and inspire people to be free and love who you wanna love. No matter sex, race or religion. The remix will be heavily promoted via press, socials and potentially radio. It’s a great way to get your talent heard. Thanks in advance to everyone!

Remix pack

For complete information of remix event visit this website