Low End Cleanup Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Oct 20 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 31 2999
  • Key:
  • Bpm:
  • Genre:


CHALLENGE RULES: 1. Make a track at least 30 seconds long, using the included instructions as a guide. 2. You must use ONLY the provided samples in the DOWNLOAD. 3. Have fun and UPLOAD your track. If possible upload a screen shot of some or all of your settings under DAW IMAGE. Metapop Low End Cleanup Challenge In this challenge, you will develop the skills to process low end instruments such as kick drum and bass, so that they both sound musical and do not compete for space in the mix. You will also learn to process additional elements of a mix to help maintain clarity in the low frequencies. You can accomplish it all in this two-part challenge. In the project folder you will find an Ableton file. Open it to see channels called Drums, Bass, Chords, and Arp. For Part One, you will tune the 808 kick drum by transposing/detuning it using the Transp knob in Impulse to match the key of a bassline. You will then mix the level of both instruments and apply equalization and compression on either or both tracks to mix them together musically. For Part Two, you’ll complete everything from Part One in addition to processing chords and an arpeggiated atmospheric sound. Here you will apply filtering or equalization to both new sounds and use sidechain compression on the chord progression. This will blend both new elements into the mix while maintaining space and clarity for both the kick drum and bassline. Basic Drums and Bass mixing tutorial: https://youtu.be/Fglyu4PFQwY *see enclosed PDF for more detailed instructions*