Mastering 101 Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Oct 20 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 31 2999
  • Key:
  • Bpm:
  • Genre:


CHALLENGE RULES: 1. Make a track at least 30 seconds long, using the included instructions as a guide. 2. You must use ONLY the provided samples in the DOWNLOAD. 3. Have fun and UPLOAD your track. If possible upload a screen shot of some or all of your settings under DAW IMAGE. Metapop Mastering 101 Challenge In this challenge, you will be provided a mixed but unmastered audio file, which you will EQ, compress, limit and adjust the stereo spread in the bass so the resulting master sounds good and peaks near 0dB on Ableton's meters. On the master channel you’ll find: 1. “Mono Bass” Audio Rack to fold the sub-bass to mono to prevent phase problems in the low end 2. An EQ Three plugin for overall frequency adjustments 3. A Glue Compressor to increase loudness 4. A Multiband Dynamics plugin to adjust tonal balance 5. Warm Tube to add harmonics 6. A Limiter to ensure you’re not peaking over 0dB Use any/all of these effects to adjust the mix to taste and post your mastered track for feedback! Mastering Basics: *see enclosed PDF for more detailed instructions*