Monstercat Mix Contest 2016

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Oct 12 2016
  • Submission Date: Nov 01 2016
  • Winner Date: Dec 06 2016


Thanks to fans and family around the world, the Monstercat Podcast has become more than a weekly broadcast. It’s a journey travelled with people across the globe where music and creativity are at the forefront. This year, the Monstercat Podcast takes the connection to a new level with an amped-up sequel to the 2015 Mix Contest. The stakes are higher, the challenge is bigger – and that means the reward is grander!

Submission Phase (October 12 - October 31):
- Submit a 15-minute mix (max) of ONLY Monstercat music.
- Submit a 15-minute mix (max) audio file.
- Your submission must include at least 1 of the acapellas provided in our example session.
- At the end of the submission phase, 8 finalists will be selected.
- These finalists will go on to compete over 5 weeks (5 episodes of the Monstercat Podcast).

Finalist Phase (November 1 - December 6):
- Each week, the finalists will be assigned DJ-related challenges that test their skill and creativity. And we aren't going to make it easy! Expect anything and everything, possibly even collaborations will fellow finalists!
- When the dusts settles, only one will be left standing. Your throne awaits.

We encourage everyone to participate, everybody has a chance of taking the Grand Prize of a Roland DJ-808! In the initial phase, submissions will be judged on your ability to seamlessly blend both old and new Monstercat releases spanning multiple genres. Now it’s your chance to take us on a journey with a mix highlighting your abilities and passion. Those who make the cut will be best prepared to face the finalist challenges we’ve lined up.

Good to luck to everyone, we look forward to hearing your mixes!

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