Music To My Ears Official Remix Competition

  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Apr 12 2017
  • Submission Date: May 15 2017
  • Key: C
  • Bpm: 123.0519
  • Genre: Pop


This brand new song's lyrics are a revolutionary call to arms to change the world we live before it's too late! Musically, it has Latin flavour and a structure of; Verse1-PreChorus-Chorus1-Chorus2-Verse2-PreChorus-Chorus1-Chorus2-Bridge-Chorus1-Chorus2. So, there is plenty of scope for reinvention - highlighting the elements that appeal the most to the remixer and the listeners. Good luck and as Prince once said 'What's missing from Pop Music is Danger!' - so ahead inject some!