No Drums! Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Nov 28 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 31 2999
  • Key:
  • Bpm:
  • Genre:


1. Make a track at least 1 minute long, using the included instructions as a guide.
2. Have fun and UPLOAD your track. If possible upload a screen shot of some or all of your settings under DAW IMAGE.
Metapop No Drums Challenge
Create a track of your own using no percussion or drum elements that is at least 1 minute long.
There is no audio or midi download for this challenge. Instead you are to use your own samples and instruments to get creative and make a track using no percussion or drums.
The track can be any tempo and any style as long as it’s one minute or longer. You may still use rhythmic instruments such as an arpeggiated synthesizer, or syncopated bass pattern. It may help you get started to create a rhythmic melody. Just try to avoid any traditional percussion sounds such as shakers, kick drum, snare, toms, etc. The track may also be ambient or free of tempo!
A good way to create movement in a track with no percussion is to use strong melodies, chord progressions or basslines to establish song sections and changes. Try a variety of instruments and see what styles you can make without drums to establish groove.
For extra help see the Resources in the PDF download.
When you’re done, upload the resulting track to the No Drums Challenge page for feedback.
Have fun!
Team Metapop