Nordic Coast remix contest 2017

  • Hosted by: kreasound
  • Submission Date: Sep 18 2017
  • Key: D major
  • Bpm: 138
  • Genre: Acoustic, Trance


Back Prizes

1. Official Release.
2. High promotion.
3. Future co-operating with the label.
4. All royalties from sales.
5. Free label promo email subscription.


Your chance to be released on a Soul Waves Music. We are giving you chance to join our ever growing family at Soul Waves Music, and have your productions released to the world. Our team will select several decent remixes to be signed and released on our label.

Please read the rules below before joining.

1. Remix Contest will be expired after 1 month (18/08/2017 - 18/09/2017).
2. Trance and its sub-genres will be accepted for submission.
3. Midi pack remain the copyright of Soul Waves Music and must not be used in any other production without expressed permission from the label.
4. The entrant must submit his/her remix to with "Nordic Coast - Sunrise In Brisbane [REMIX COMP]" as the subject title, preferably with downloads enabled.
5. Sharing your remix publicly before deadline online or offline is prohibited and will result in disqualification. Unsuccessful entries can be shared after September 20th 2017.
6. Winners will be notified via Facebook or email by 18th September 2017. Winners and any supplementary winners will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter page. Please like and follow the page to be kept up to date.
7. The judge of all submissions will be our label team. We will select between 1 - 2 - 3 remixes, as the winners.
8. No third party material or samples belonging to another artist, label or publisher will be accepted.


You can download remix pack, using link
Good Luck and Have fun!

Soul Waves Music (Record & Digital Label)

Demo Box:

Remix pack

The remix pack can be downloaded from here
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