One of Us - Remix Contest

  • Hosted by: kreasound
  • Submission Date: May 28 2017
  • Key: B Flat
  • Bpm: 128
  • Genre: Edm, Electro


Back Prizes

There will be 6 winners chosen. Each winner will be featured on the Marshall Marshall - One of Us Remixes EP released on all major streaming platforms.

1 Year Pro LANDR mastering membership ($299) (1st)

LANDR is offering 2 free WAV master to give your track the professional sound it deserves before entering the competition. Signup for a LANDR account here to get started.


>>> REMIX PACK <<<<

Marshall Marshall is back with a remix competition for their latest single "One of Us". We are super excited to hear what kind of ideas for remixes you guys have. We will feature the top remixes on our remix EP as soon as the contest is over.

1. Stems (Vocals, Midi, and Artwork) can be download through the artist union. Make sure to use an active email, because this is how we will contact the contest winners.
2. Remixes will be judged according to originality and diversity. We are looking for uniqueness and creativity.
3. Remixes should be posted on Soundcloud, then uploaded to this site.
4. Post a link to your remix in the descriptions on our youtube video and Soundcloud . That's the best way to make sure we hear your remix, and it will allow more people to find and listen to your remix. We will make sure to allow your comments.

Also, we have an awesome opportunity to be teaming up with The DJ's disciple. He will be posting a few of his favorite remixes on his youtube channel and will be participating in the judging at the end of the contest. Check out his awesome youtube channel and subscribe at

Remix pack

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