Race The Tide - "The Enemy" Remix Contest

  • Hosted by: indaba
  • Starting Date: Sep 27 2017
  • Submission Date: Oct 25 2017
  • Winner Date: Nov 21 2017
  • Key: F# Minor
  • Bpm: ~118


Race the Tide is the project from multi-instrumentalist Jesse Macht. His forthcoming self-titled record was recorded between the personal studio of Lord Huron, Whispering Pines, and Highland Park’s Sound 69 Studio. With the record’s basic roots in Americana familiarity like Ryan Adams, Wilco and The War on Drugs, the album benefits from its pop electronic influences such as Tycho, Blood Orange, and LCD Soundsystem and progresses to a more well-rounded and evolving sound.

The album is rooted in the idea of collaboration. For Macht, it is a vital part of the sound saying, “it is the communication of players and the instruments that help songs grow. I believe that more minds are better than one, and I wanted to provide a framework and a skeleton for players to indulge their creative prowess”. While Macht wrote, played guitar, and keyboards on much of the record, other players include Rob Humphreys and Gavin Salmon on drums, Tyler Carrol (Allen Stone) on bass, Ken Belcher on guitar, and Will Herrington (Lukas Graham), Mark McKee, and Ben Allemon (Ryan Adams, Grace Potter) on keys. At the helm, producer Justin Tocket said, “It’s all about casting. These players understand the mission we were on in hunting down a sound that is familiar to the influences, but gives the unique sensibility that is at the core of the songwriting.”

This fall, Race The Tide will be featured as the face of Airstream’s Endless Caravan touring his arts and culture series where he will travel the country in an Airstream performing at people’s homes and facilitating community arts events in over 15 states around the country bringing different people together to share their talents, passions, and love for the arts and research in a brand new styled adventure series.

Now, Race The Tide wants you to remix their song "The Enemy". Let's hear what you've got!


At night I dream of killer whales, and barely ever get away They chase me down into the deep blue sea, and I can’t scream Now all I do is wait.

Maybe I want them to Tear at me tear at me And suddenly its true they tear at me tear at me.

Those goddamn eyes, and bloodstained teeth I’m sick of all the struggle and I’m sick of all the fighting and I’m sick of swinging at ghosts and what I’m sick of most Sick of being my own enemy Sick of being the enemy.

I tend to dream that murderers, have cornered me in a hotel They run me out and shoot at me, and I can’t scream Yes I can use some help.

Monsters in the dark black holes in the stars falling airplanes and the wolves that lie in wait. _____________________________________

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