Remix Botnek and I See MONSTAS for Monstercat

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Dec 08 2015
  • Submission Date: Jan 08 2016
  • Winner Date: Jan 13 2016


Botnek & I See MONSTAS & Monstercat are teaming up with Splice for the “Deeper Love” remix contest.

The remix contest format goes full throttle with a set of artists whose collaboration surprised fans worldwide. Botnek and I See MONSTAS bridged an international gap to bring forth a thrilling tune on Monstercat. And now another player enters the game – you!

Many Monstercat fans have musical aspirations of their own, and giving them an opportunity to shine is what the label does best. Monstercat believes the music always comes first, so no matter what the background or experience, talent and hard work will always stand out. It just takes getting in the game, and this remix contest is the perfect opportunity.

Fans of each other for a long time, both Botnek and I See MONSTAS were thrilled to create a rhythmic track that goes hard from start to finish. And now they want to see what you can bring to the table. There’s a lot to work with, and multiple directions to follow, but the most distinct remixes will surely shine through. This is your chance to have your musical heroes, and possibly the world, listen to your work! Good luck!