Show You How Remix contest

  • Hosted by: kreasound
  • Submission Date: May 31 2017
  • Key: F Sharp
  • Bpm: 150
  • Genre: Edm, Trap


Back Prizes

#1 I'll Keep the best remixes twitter profile along with the remix itself with a link on my pinned tweet for a week that's exposure to over 4,600 people

#2 The top 5 would be put up on my official phillip berry channel I'll make a YouTube videos for them.

#3 I'll put the top 5 on remixes on my Spotify playlist and iHeartRadio and many more.

#4 I'll Collab with the #1 on a track

1 Year Pro LANDR mastering membership ($299) (1st)

LANDR is offering 2 free WAV master to give your track the professional sound it deserves before entering the competition. Signup for a LANDR account here to get started.



Hello my name is Phillip Berry, I'm hosting a remix comp for my latest Single Show You How. I'm Excited to hear what new flavor you guys can bring to my track! I will make the best songs official remixes so work hard and you get to be featured! I know it's annoying but please follow the link in the downloads and like and follow my pages to get the downloads for free. it just helps me out and id very much appreciate it.


1. Stems and Vocals can be download through this link Make sure to use an active email to, or follow me on twitter @phillipflxberry and message me because this is how I will contact the contest winners.

2. Remixes will be judged according to originality and diversity. I am looking for uniqueness and creativity.

3. Remixes should be posted on Soundcloud, then uploaded to this site.

4. Post a link to your remix in the descriptions on my youtube video and Soundcloud. That's the best way to make sure we hear your remix, and it will allow more people to find and listen to your remix. We will make sure to allow your comments.

Please "Understand" that anything you send I will have all rights to it as with any remix to a song. With that being said make sure all samples are cleared samples as in you bought them or theyre royalty free.

Do not make the song a free download!

I will personally be reviewing each remix so do your best. I look forward to hearing what you guys have :)

If youd like you can make your own Artwork id like to see some creative ones.

Remix pack

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