Travis Marsh - "Lay Me Down" Ft. G Herbo Remix Contest

  • Hosted by: indaba
  • Starting Date: Apr 07 2017
  • Submission Date: May 04 2017
  • Winner Date: May 18 2017
  • Key: G# Minor
  • Bpm: ~136
  • Genre: Rock


Travis Marsh is a native Los Angeles based singer / songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and producer who refuses to personify one identifiable musical identity. The eclectic musical world of Travis Marsh is a creative space saturated with different ideas, sounds, and concepts, all grounded in the musical history and landscape of Southern California. Equal parts Folk, Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop, Travis has long fought against being tied to one specific genre. Travis' newest single is the infectious "Lay Me Down," produced by Smitty Soul (who has worked with Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Timberlake) and featuring Chicago rapper, G Herbo. It is the single that showcases perfectly Travis' ability to avoid genre tags and create a soundscape all his own. Now, he's looking for a compelling remix to take the single to the next level.

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