Automation Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Nov 28 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 31 2999
  • Key:
  • Bpm:
  • Genre:


1. Make a track at least 1 minute long, using the included instructions as a guide.
2. Have fun and UPLOAD your track. If possible upload a screen shot of some or all of your settings under DAW IMAGE.
Metapop Automation Challenge
Develop your skill and increase your comfort level in automating plugin parameters by creating a track where nothing changes over time except those parameters.
In the project folder you will find an Ableton file. Open it to see channels called 808Kit, Bass, 808Perc1, 808Perc2, 808Cowbell, 808Toms, and Keys. All of them have audio information. Feel free to edit the audio or completely replace it, as long as the audio parts play the same loop for the duration of the entire track.
The 808Perc1, 808Perc2, 808Cowbell, 808Toms, and Keys channels all contain an Effects Rack called Automation FX, which contains the following Audio FX:
Filter Delay
Grain Delay
Ping Pong Delay
(feel free to add any other you would like to use)
The objective is to create an interesting arrangement strictly by automating any of these parameters and without deleting any audio at all. You can also automate volume, pan and sends.
To create automation simply switch on the effect you will be using, press record and turn knobs until you hear something you like (note the “automation arm” button must be enabled). Re-do, edit, or copy-paste until you’re satisfied.
NON-ABLETON USERS: In the “Metapop Automation Challenge Project” folder you’ll see a folder called “Samples”, which contains another called “Imported”. There you will find all the audio samples used in this Challenge. Feel free to import them into your DAW of choice, making sure they don’t change over the course of the track, add some plugins and automate to your heart’s delight!
For extra help, and pictures, see the Resources in the included PDF.
When you’re done, upload the resulting track to the Automation Challenge page for feedback. The resulting track must be at least one minute long, and you must describe what you automated in the Public Track Description.
Have fun!
Team Metapop