Bassline Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Nov 17 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 19 2017
  • Key: Various
  • Bpm: Various
  • Genre: Various


1. Make a beat at least 30 seconds long.
2. You MUST use the provided samples in the DOWNLOAD.
3. Any genre is welcomed, creativity is welcomed too.
4. Have fun and UPLOAD your beat before the deadline.
5. You MUST say how you've used the provided samples/midi in the track description.

Create a chord progression or track around one of the provided basslines. 
In the download folder you will find six different MIDI files with a corresponding BPM in the title (ex. Bassline 1 120bpm D Minor). 
You will import these MIDI files into your DAW of choice and pick one to work with. To be eligible to win the competition your final upload must use one of the files and it’s note content cannot be altered.
Once you’ve chosen a MIDI file you like, you will pick a bass instrument of your choice to play the file. Then you will build a chord progression on a separate instrument track that accompanies the bassline. This chord instrument can be any sound you’d like. You can create the chords by ear or by utilizing music theory to determine which notes work best (there is no right answer!).
If you would like to go a step further, continue adding to your composition (drums, melody, etc.) developing an entire track around the bassline.
For extra help see the Resources in the included PDF. 
When you’re done, upload the resulting track to the Bassline Challenge page for feedback and for a chance to win a Native Instruments store voucher.
Have fun!
Team Metapop