Compression Official Remix Competition

  • OPEN
  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Oct 13 2017
  • Submission Date: Dec 31 2999
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CHALLENGE RULES: 1. Make a track at least 30 seconds long, using the included instructions as a guide. 2. You must use ONLY the provided samples in the DOWNLOAD. 3. Have fun and UPLOAD your track. If possible upload a screen shot of some or all of your settings under DAW IMAGE. Metapop Compression Challenge In this challenge, you will develop your skills using compression as a sidechain effect and dynamic tool on drums, pitched instruments and on a mix bus combining everything in a musical way. You will achieve this by joining in this challenge in two parts. For Part One, you will use the compressor plugin on the drum track to tame the dynamic range and add punch without losing the transient attack of the drum sounds. Experiment with a fast/slow attack and a high/low ratio. Then, you will adjust the sidechain compression on the sample track to process an audio sample so that it’s volume is reduced whenever the kick drum is being heard. For Part Two, you will complete everything from Part One and also process bass, an arpeggiated lead line and the master track. You have the option of sidechaining the bass as you did for the sample. The goal here is to clearly hear the drums and all dynamic elements in the mix. Finally, you will use a compressor on the master track to help “glue” all the sounds together. Out of the box your Ableton session should sound like the included file “Compression Challenge UNMIXED.aif”. See if you can make it sound like “Compression Challenge MIXED.aif”, or better! Resources Live What is compression/using compression: Sidechaining: Logic What is compression/using compression: Sidechaining: FL What is compression/using compression: Sidechaining: Reason What is compression/using compression: Sidechaining: